Nure Mar y Mar Services

Apartments for rent in Cala en Blanes, Menorca

  • photovoltaic installation
  • Swimming pool

with separate children's area, terrace with parasols and sun loungers.

  • Reception Service:

The reception It is open in variable time in Mornings from Monday to Friday. Saturday and Sundays it is closed.
Tel. Reception: 971389153  email

  • Arrival day:
We would be very grateful if you inform us in advance of your arrival and departure times, so that we can better serve you.
If your arrival is in the morning before the reception opens, you should go to the complex only from 09.00h, in respekt to others clients who are still resting. In case the apartment is not ready on arrival, you can leave your bags in the trunk and use our services.
If you arrive after the reception has closed, you will have a note with your name next to the door, with instructions for key collection.
In the section on how to get to this website, you will find information on how to get to the complex.
  • Departure day:

You will be able to use the apartment until 11:00h.
In case of an earlier departure than the period of the reservation, the customer must pay in full the agreed amount upon booking.
Departure in the morning before the reception opens, we ask you to leave the key in the mailbox in front of the reception door. Thanks. Departure in the afternoon, you could stay in the apartment if he will not be occupied again on the same day or use the bathroom / luggage room (located next to the reception), in this case he can take the towels from the apartment and use them for the shower, then leaving them on the floor in that bathroom. It may be necessary to share the bathroom / luggage room with other customers. Please ask at the reception at least 3 days before departure.
Remember that the bill is settled from Monday to Friday.

  • Keep in mind:

Almost all the exterior lights of the complex will go off at 01:00 in the morning, only the necessary ones will remain on. The purpose is to have efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly lighting.

  • Sustainability:

Self-consumption photovoltaic solar installation on the roof of 48 455 W plates gives us a total power of 20 kWp, which will produce approximately 29,000 kWh per year.

This installation, with a budget of €25,616.95, has been carried out after the company CEL BLAU DE MENORCA, S.L. receive a subsidy from the Balearic Government ACTIONS OF THE Next Generation PROGRAMS ROYAL DECREE 477/2021, Ref. of application number AMEN001 0000656851-2, pending resolution, for the granting of aid for the amount of €6,370.00.

Sensia Pons

It is a satisfaction when our customers enjoy pleasant and relaxing holiday, returning home with good memories of us and Menorca.